Help Centre: For restaurants

To see reservations details (number of people, contact details, time and date). On your dashboard, click on ‘sales’ tab on the left, then click ‘reservations’. Click on the pencil button to open details of your reservation.

To filter location, status and calendar. On dashboard,> sales > reservation > click on Reservation icon

List of reservations

Your availability will depend on your opening hours. To manage your opening hours, go to Restaurant > Locations > Opening Hours. You can edit flexible reservation times under “Flexible” tab.

Opening hours

To cancel a reservation, go to ‘sales’ > ‘reservations’ > click on Edit reservation icon to see the reservation details. Under Status & Assign tab at the end of the page, you can change reservation status to confirmed, cancelled or pending.

Cancelling a reservation screenshot

If you forgot the password and cannot login, you can click on “Forget Password?” on the login page and request a password reset. You will recieve an email with a link to reset your password.

Logging into ReserViet screenshotLogging into ReserViet screenshot

To view your customer’s contact details (email address and phone number) click on ‘users’ > ‘customers’.

Viewing your ReserViet customers screenshot

To update your restaurant’s page information, go to ‘Restaurant’ > ‘Location’ > ‘Data’. You can edit your restaurant’s description, type of cuisine, promotion, link and images there.

Editing your ReserViet restaurant data

Editing your ReserViet restaurant data

To upload your photo gallery, go to ‘Restaurant’ > ‘Location’ > ‘Gallery’ > click on Add icon You will see : ‘Image Manager’ where you can add, delete and rename the photos.

Editing your ReserViet restaurant photos

Editing your ReserViet restaurant photos

On your dashboard, go to ‘Sales’ > ‘Reservations’, then choose which reservation you would like to confirm.

Under ‘Reservation Status’, choose ‘Confirm’ from the dropdown menu (the default is ‘Pending’).

On the top of the page click ‘Save’ and a confirmation email will be sent to your guest.

Confirm your reservation

Confirm detail reservation

Confirm change reservation

Confirm change reservation

On your dashboard, go to restaurant > tables and add the ‘TYPE’ of table you want with the type name. (For example, you can create ‘Table 1’ with capacity of 2 people and so on) You can add as many types of tables as you want. Once you’ve created your tables, click ‘Save’ to input them into ReserViet.

List tables

Add tables

Add details tables

On your dashboard, go to location > edit > reservation and add the types of table you created into your restaurant to make them available to diners.

To maximise your turnover, you can…

  1. Set your ‘time interval’, which is the number of minutes between each reservation you require to turn over a table.
  2. Set your ‘stay time’, which is the average number of minutes a guest will stay at a table.

List tables

To update your restaurant’s contact details, click on ’Restaurant’ > ‘Location’ > Select your restaurant. Under the ‘Location’ tab you can change your contact details at any time.

List tables

To update your restaurant’s profile picture, click on ‘Restaurants’ > ‘Locations’, and choose your location. Click on the ‘Data’ tab and scroll down to the very bottom. Press ‘Select’ then upload your profile picture.

List tables